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"Light up your business"

We, Printech, are the company for creating value of our customers by using our professional manpower each field. According to Fortune Magazine “Some people suppose Design is just part of dressing for Interior or furniture” For us, however, Design is the fundamental soul of human being to express ourselves with our product and service. Carpenter never say that “Nobody care reverse side of chest of drawers because people can not see what material I use”. We already know beautiful chest of drawers can be made with perfect wood material.

PRINTECH wants to produce the best design with the utmost efforts. It is for our dearest hope that our design customer choose increases customers’ products value. We are always ready to support our customer to seek what is the best product for them and become reliable partner with Co-work and our design endeavors.


“PRINTECH KR believes Pattern Design is the best synergy and power”

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